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In this new TV channel of the Living Crib of Sant Guim de la Plana you can see our video demo period Channel. The contents are the video presentation and video of the 25th anniversary of the Closing Celebration of the 25th anniversary, released by the figure Esther Brown, and the spot from 2011 to 2012 comes out this year on TV3 for the disconnection with the province of Lleida .

The first living nativity Lip dup

The village of Sant Guim de la Plana, La Segarra, 70 inhabitants, with the collaboration of all the extras the nativity scene of lost jobs has recorded its first lipdub in a difficult environment architecturally, with a trip with ladders, tunnels, narrow medieval streets, etc.. Organized by Cultural Association with the marinade and Gertrude band music and the song "Now I come from nowhere"

Video presentation of the Nativity

Video Spot 2011-2012 for TV-3 connection

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