The Stable start the door of the Castle of Sant Guim de la Plana of the twelfth century, which once again begins the journey of our nativity scene, which this year will celebrate the 31 edition. And as in previous years we will focus on giving life to many of the jobs that have disappeared from our people. We continue to actively gathering tools, equipment and materials used in the various trades to publicize fully and put the audience in what was farm life during the past centuries, where you see all the details, and this remains the axis articulated on all our behalf.

The Stable will travel the streets, squares and houses the small medieval town of Sant Guim de la Plana, is one of the most watched couples in recent years.

Be welcome to Sant Guim de la Plana.

Merry Christmas!


December 2016: 18th 25th, 26th
January 2017: 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th


6:30 p.m. each of the days mentioned above.


  • Admission basic: 8 € / pers. (from 13 years inclusive)
  • Admision from 7 to 12 years: 6 € / pers. (inclusive)
  • Admision groups: 7 € / pers. (minimum groups of 20 pers.)
  • Admision 0 to 6 years: Free

Book tickets ONLINE: here

Book tickets by phone: 973 550 978

For more information and tickets: 973 550 965. 19h to 22h pm

You can not deserve visiting this unique event at just one hour from Barcelona and Reus airport by car. For additional information writing us to info[@]pessebre[.]org

Official program

program (catalan)

Living Nativity (live scenes)

  • 1 The Escloper
  • 2 The wagon
  • 3 Making wine cellar
  • 4 The forcaire
  • 5 Jobs farmer
  • 6 The potter
  • 7 Ligand beams
  • 8 The grinder
  • 9 Cooper Leather
  • 10 Market
  • 11 Oil Press
  • 12 Annunciation to the shepherds
  • 13 handmade loom
  • 14 Kitchen
  • 15 sneak almonds
  • 16 Cal smith
  • 17 The cart with carriers
  • 18 Preparation of rods
  • 19 The Saddlery
  • 20 Corral poultry
  • 21 Espadrille
  • 22 Venda wine
  • 23 getting older (brooms)
  • 24 forage chopper
  • 25 The lamb (using cords)
  • 26 The barn
  • 27 The hostel
  • 28 Doing the laundry
  • 29 stone basin oil
  • 30 Making baskets
  • 31 Fixing wooden barrels
  • 32 The cadiraire
  • 33 Birth of Jesus

Admiracions Conservades Award 2010. SOS Monuments

On 29 January we went to collect this important prize awarded by the Association SOS Monuments. The event was held at the Library of Miquel Llongueras at the Corts, Barcelona.

The award is for work that has made the marinade Cultural Association throughout his career.

SOS believes that the interest that has already been done and are doing is very important for the conservation of architectural heritage and our history. The Marina has devoted efforts to locate and maintain tools and implements of ancient crafts, displaying them in a rural setting, framed in a real scenario, because the route runs through the dependence of houses, kitchens, stables, corrals, wineries esgolfes etc.. This is an ethnological work has resulted in not lose our history and be able to display. The crib can teach our newest way of living and can be used and admired how these tools and serving utensils.


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