By the present we inform you that due to the repeated breaches of the agreements, on the part of the City council of San Guim de la Plana, the decision has been taken not to continue with the representations of the Living Nativity. This year we are no longer in the heart of addressing the tasks required by the assembly of the nativity scene with the town hall. Year after year we have been increasing the demands and we have reached a point where most of the members of the organization are not ready to carry out the activity. This would have been the 35th edition.

We leave the door open so that next year the representations can be resumed, if the City Council reconsiders and limits the conditions to the agreements reached in December 2011.

What this live manger does not represent this year does not mean that, from La Marinada, we do not continue to do activities to energize the town and allow them to continue sharing some good times in the community, but they will not be accessible to the Nativity Scene .

We take air and try to reinvent ourselves, after another year comes next, right now I think we all need to spend the days to get the idea, that this year there is no nativity.


Sant Guim de la Plana - La Segarra, November 27, 2017

Admiracions Conservades Award 2010. SOS Monuments

On 29 January we went to collect this important prize awarded by the Association SOS Monuments. The event was held at the Library of Miquel Llongueras at the Corts, Barcelona.

The award is for work that has made the marinade Cultural Association throughout his career.

SOS believes that the interest that has already been done and are doing is very important for the conservation of architectural heritage and our history. The Marina has devoted efforts to locate and maintain tools and implements of ancient crafts, displaying them in a rural setting, framed in a real scenario, because the route runs through the dependence of houses, kitchens, stables, corrals, wineries esgolfes etc.. This is an ethnological work has resulted in not lose our history and be able to display. The crib can teach our newest way of living and can be used and admired how these tools and serving utensils.


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